Stationary Æmotion, Rotterdam

Date: October 26th, 2007

Event: Introducing: Labouretum Lumbrici
Location: WORM, Rotterdam (NL)

Synopsis: Protagonist flees her life, embarking in an adventure on the train, escaping the law and her lover.

On-location team in Rotterdam (NL):
audrey samson (coordination, video, patterns in frame #1-2-3 and 7-8-9)
Nicola Unger (acting; frame #5)

Performers (remote):
Manuel Schmalstieg (Geneva, CH; acting; frame #4)
Nathalie Fougeras (Brussels, BE; acting; frame #6)
Paula Vélez (Medellin, CO; live sound stream)

Script development:
audrey samson
Nicola Unger

Performers: , , , ,