LRRH @ Festival de la Imagen, CO

Date: April 17th, 2008

Location:  Columbia.

AETHER jam session (mini-workshop), with remote and on location participans:
Paula Vélez, Workshop and transmission; Audrey Samson, transmision from Rotterdam; Lucy and The League of Imaginary Scientists, transmission from Los Angeles.; Manuel Schmalstieg, transmission from Geneve, Suiza. Boris Kish (script Geneva).

AETHER. LRRH. patch and chat screen

The League of imaginary scientist partcipated this time.
You can get a look here:

[flickr video=2481424118 show_info=true w=240 h=136]

AETHER workshop jam. Lucy Diving Mask1

AETHER. LRRH. wolf and patch

AETHER LRRH PERFORMANCE. Inspired in Little Red Riding Hood story, the group of aethernautes did performe again, this time transmitting live, a free interpretation of this famous and original story by Charles Perrault. The performance toked place in Alianza Francesa, as part of Festival de la Imagen. This transmision have been also watched from others computers around the net in the link normally use by AETHER to transmit.

AETHER team in Colombia with the audience at the Festival was:

Live location at Manizales: Paula Vélez. (sound streaming, cámara), the wolf: Gregorio Gómez. (a.k.a gladkazuka. music performance), Camera and transmision assistant: Natalia Valencia

Remote AETHER performers were: Christiaan Cruz, (shadow puppeteer, Yorba Linda, California); Audrey Samson (webcam orchestration, Rotterdam transmission); Judy Nylon (New York, transmission and doll house). Chloé Cramer (Script, transmission from Brussels); Laure De Selys (Transmission);  Boris Kish (Script, Geneva transmission); Manuel Schmalstieg (Programming, Geneva transmission), The League of Imaginary Scientist. (FlipBook program, Los Angeles)

download audio by Gladkazuka (Manizales Fest): CLIC../

Aether9 LRRH. public
LRRH.Manizales 5

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