Live in Beirut

Date: September 28th, 2008

Full title: When antennas convert love in space.

Performance in the frame of the Beirut Street Festival. The performance was visible both online and on location (Hamra Street, in the center of Beirut).

Æther9 @ Hamra Street, Beirut
Date: Sunday September 28th 2008
Location: Hamra street, on the outdoor screen of el medina theater.
Title: When antennas convert love in space
–> Participants:
Laure Deselys, Samir Youssef, Joe Elias, Zoe Judell ( Beirut )
Judy Nylon ( New york )
Manuel Schmalstieg ( Geneva )
Boris Kish ( Brussels )
Audrey Samson ( Rotterdam )
Paula Vélez Bravo ( Medellin )
Christiaan Cruz ( Los Angeles )

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The live sound was performed in Beirut, featuring Joe Elias
playing oud and the voice of Samir Youssef.

aether9. beirut. street festival.

aether9. beirut. street festival.

Here we are today, we love to stay together upon the roof, alone with these thin things, to stay and to try talking to them or about them; they say rain falls down, so does the deer of holly Christmas, and if you wanted to see the moon, its rays will visit you from up there. Here we are today, we look at silent communities, silent although their massive quantity, we look at a glooming society which didn’t hide a secret, which didn’t say a word about its secrets.

During the previous years, it was enough for you to see toward what direction antennas were fixed to find out the programs that are being watched by the families. Then, here we are today, we wonder what do these things look like. Do they look like the pieces of rail-ways in Beirut? Or like the white line that the transporter ship traced it in the sea? Do they look like the white old buses of the bus station? Will they go back to transmit and work again?

We don’t know, but somehow, we feel them strongly, and we are lucky, lucky because we can visit them or visit their locations, that’s what you cannot do anymore in many cities of U.S.A or Europe after the crisis of 11 September 2001, we visit them as if we are visiting something that we possessed for a long time, just to feel their shadows, these forests of flying birds in the countries of migrant wind.

We will catch up the train of development. But let us know well that there’s some real common in between this dialogue in here and other dialogues around the planet. Speak the Korean language honey, speak the spanish, I cannot remember anymore the difference and the pictures, speak and know that from the ether to the antenna to the television to the eye, there is an upside-down stairs that gods wander it continuously; But let us know also that we feel respectful and thankful to the recent fact of useless antennas.
Respectfulness and thankfulness to him for mooring the old ways of love in the only harbor of human being”.

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