trains + forest

Three fragments from a realtime video transmission in the frame of Pixelache Festival, March 26 2010.

Video: recorded with webcam and streamed in realtime from a moving train.
Audio source: segment from “migrations (an ambient field mix)” by Low Light Mixes.

Notes by Manuel:
It was a very interesting perfo for me as i was testing a new streaming setup:
– little AsusEEE netbook (running the patch in WinXP)
– cheapo USB webcam (Aiptek VGA+)
– mobile USB web access

The first session was a near total failure, as it was raining heavily, and I realized that it’s impossible to operate laptop+cam while holding an umbrella! In addition to that, the botanical garden where I was trying to stream from turned out to be in a no-network zone between two hills.

During the afternoon sessions, rain stopped, and I got used to the process of quickly connecting the USB modem, entering PIN, launching Max patch, adjusting cam settings, all in a couple of minutes. And as Cym says, it’s a very weird and fascinating feeling, sending the live images from a quiet natural outside location.

The connection was surpraisingly stable, even in a rolling train there were no disconnections. It looks like switzerland has a dense coverage, appart from mountainous zones. This opens lots of opportunities for
outside streaming, and I think the direction of “mobile documentary event coverage” is something to explore, where the “realtime” element can make real sense.