aether9 discussed at ISEA 2011

In her talk at ISEA Istanbul, “The Ephemeral in Audiovisual Realtime Practices: An Analysis into the Possibilities for its Documentation” Ana Carvalho talks about aether9:

Without defining documenting as a set of rules, but drawing a trajectory for the possibilities of documenting as complementary to the practice, an example can be presented. Being interested in the creative process, the collective Aether9 explores the possibilities of realtime manipulation and transmission of audio and video. Geographically located in different points of the globe, the collective’s members maintain communication and perform exclusively via the Internet. Documentation of their Skype meetings that happen during preparation and during the performance took the shape of (so far) two books published by Greyscale Press. (…) Through this process of documentation, Aether9 provides non-descriptive layers of the performances which help understand them beyond their results, based on the interaction between artists during the process of development and final presentation.