The aether book is out now

First images of the aether9 book, fresh from the presses.

More information visit the official micro-site of the book!

OSP work ongoing

Book project is shaping up.

Current structure proposal:
Data from mailing lists, Wiki, chat logs and image archive are sorted according to performers. There could also be paths to navigate through the book according to sets of keywords like: science, tech, or sex…

Aether9 products since 1933:

Upcoming book publication on aether9 (with OSP)

Saturday June 16th: first day of a one-week book sprint hosted by the Open Source Publishing collective, at Constant Variable, Brussels.

Two members of the aether9 group (Manuel and Audrey) will be working with Ludivine Loiseau and Pierre Marchand, on a book that will visualize the past years of activity of the Aether9 project. [Read more →]

aether9 discussed at ISEA 2011

In her talk at ISEA Istanbul, “The Ephemeral in Audiovisual Realtime Practices: An Analysis into the Possibilities for its Documentation” Ana Carvalho talks about aether9: [Read more →]

Technology review: Live video webcasting through the browser

Live video webcasting through the browser, cross-platform, is slowly becoming a working technology due to recent developments in browser specs, as part of the advancements of HTML5.

Several browser manufacturers (Google, Mozilla, Opera) are currently exploring methods to bring two-way multimedia capacity to web-browsers. [Read more →]

Workshop: Intimacy over Distance

Location: Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon, Israel

Dates: 12, 14 November 2010

Initimacy over Distance : networked broadcasting tools and scenarios.

This workshop is remotely facilitated by Nancy Mauro-Flude and locally by Audrey
. It explores networked communication and related technologies through
the elaboration and enactment of a networked performance using PureData signal
processing language (Pd) and the Internet as a performance platform.

Performers: ,

Confession: Performative installation @ Museumnacht (Amsterdam, NL)

CONFESSION is a networked performance in which speculative messages of the deceased of Amsterdam’s citizens berried in the Oude Kerk are transmitted by sister0, and broadcasted in the church. Visitors can interact with sister0 through remote touch. The installation incites visitors to interact on a intimate level with the idea of absolution, voyeurism and the Internet, and continuation of our lives in machine code.

Artists: gatekeeper (ideacritik), sister0 (performed by Nancy Mauro-Flude in Tasmania)

Performers: ,

Nomadic streaming at Art Basel

A freeform broadcasting experiment will occur on June 16th, with aethernauts (joined by the Dock18 staff) transmitting from the International Art Fair in Basel, Switzerland (and possibly from some other locations, including Tehran and Sydney). [Read more →]

Montréal aether9 presentation

Date: May 26th, 2010

19:30 Montréal time, Wednesday, the 26th of May 2010
1195 Boulevard Saint-Laurent,
Montréal, QC H2X 2S6, Canada
Société des arts technologiques [S.A.T.] [

Performers: , , , , , ,

update residency – patch done!

action shot pd montreal

action shot 2 pd montreal

see WII interface with pd patch on small screen … mobile setup all systems go… except for the internet connection (next step). we have all interface info and controls visible on tiny screen – chris says even a full fledged GUI and self-destruct mechanism.
(its all really really alpha stage – dont try this at home ;)