Manuel Schmalstieg

Born 1976, Manuel Schmalstieg operates on the borderline between video, performance and software art, exploring new creative territories that straddle between the virtual and the real.

After experimentation in the fields of graphic novel, animation film and audio production that he carried out during his studies in Geneva (ESBA/atelier zero1 with Enrique Fontanilles and Hervé Graumann) and Krakow (Academy of fine arts/animated film department with Jerzy Kucia), he turns at the end of the nineties towards realtime video. Through his performances and installations, he explores issues of surveillance, control and censorship, confronting the viewer with uncomfortable truths and concealed motivations.

From 2004 to 2007, he works as assistant at the university of arts Geneva, where he takes part in establishing the new media facility (pôle art/media).


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