LRRH @ Perte de Signal, CA

Time: 18:45 (UTC -4)
Location: Perte-de-Signal, Montréal
2244, rue Larivière, Montréal (Québec).


Fourth iteration of the “Little Red Riding Hood” adaptation, premiered in April 2008 at Festival de la Imagen in Manizales, Colombia. Then at Mapping Festival (Suisse), and Tenderpixel Gallery (London).

SUMMARY:The Little Red Riding Hood tale fragmented for a twenty first century mind, one that detects a storyline from multi-sourced information streams, part cubist, part 3D chess, but coherently set in human, ancient, primordial mind.

Wolf, an “anyman”, seeks a role-playing Little Red Riding Hood among cyber sex chat girls. A journey into the psychological landscape of the classical tale, a cipher of Aging, Sex, Death, Desire, Violence, Secrecy, Beauty and Decay.

Performers (on location at Perte de Signal, Montréal): Audrey Samson (set-up, coordination)Sofian Audry (acting)

Performers (remote): Christiaan Cruz (California, USA; video transmission)
Chloé Cramer (Florennes, Belgium; chat coordination)
Boris Kish (Geneva, CH; webcam transmission)
Manuel Schmalstieg (Geneva, CH; sound transmission)
Judy Nylon (New York, USA; dollhouse, video transmission)
Paula Vèlez (Paris, FR; wolf, video transmission); Maria Hermelin (Paris, FR; video assistant)

Here a link to watch a bit of video. 6_perteDeSignal/v…

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